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Happy New Year!!Happy New Year!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Okay, I know I'm a little early but it JUST HIT ME!! We are almost 90 days away from January 1st! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?? People will be setting resolutions, planning to change...


How long does it take to change a bad habit?How long does it take to change a bad habit? ! It is all to easy to get caught up in the summer barbeques, nights out, happy hours, and other events that are focused around food. That is EXACTLY what happened to me. To change, I need to change...


Are Infomercial Results Fake?Are Infomercial Results Fake?   ARE BEACHBODY INFOMERCIALS FAKE? I know this is a burning question for you, so I am just going to put it out there. NO!!  Beachbody chose ME to take part in the Ten Minute Trainer Test...


Benefits of Being a Beachbody CoachBenefits of Being a Beachbody Coach There are so many benefits of being a Team Beachbody Coach. I love how by just being ME, I'm able to help others change their lives through health and fitness! It is a blessing to help people I know and...


What happens once every four years?What happens once every four years? What happens ONCE every FOUR YEARS? a) babies born on February 29 ACTUALLY have their day to celebrate a birthday; and b) YOU can LEAP into a new FITNESS routine for the LEAP YEAR; and c) I have...


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Are Infomercial Results Fake?

Posted on : 09-05-2012 | By : fitcounselor | In : Brag Zone, Motivation, My Personal Fitness Musings, Programs, Success Stories

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I know this is a burning question for you, so I am just going to put it out there. NO!!  Beachbody chose ME to take part in the Ten Minute Trainer Test Group and I will be one of those infomercial people!

Do you still think the results are fake?  You HAVE been following my story and have read all about me, haven’t you?? Then you should know, they are NOT FAKE!

I did what Beachbody asks all of its customers to do:

1) Take a before picture. That was NOT pretty. It never is. It is THAT forced moment when you must face the person in the mirror that was hiding under your clothes. I did it pretty well, if you ask me (see previous “after” photo)!

2) Follow the Nutrition Guide that comes with your program. Yes, YOU HAVE TO! Stop trying to cheat the system and cheat yourself!  And yes, it included Shakeology!

3) Follow the Workout Calendar to the letter. Yes, YOU HAVE TO! Don’t pick and choose the workouts you like, and when you don’t see the results, say this doesn’t work. It DOES! I’m proof!

That’s what I did!  Of course, I had to take responsibility for MY actions!  I had to be accountable for my OWN results.  It meant that I HAD to do the workouts. It meant that I HAD to stick to my nutrition plan.  Did I face challenges during the process? OF COURSE! I’m busy; I’m a professional; I have a family; I go to parties and networking events (where there is FOOD); there were days I didn’t want to do my workouts.   I’m no different that any one of you reading this, except that I decided to give it my all!

Are you ready to give it your all?  If you are, click HERE now!  Do not delay (AGAIN)!  EVERYONE HAS TEN MINUTES!!!

Just START!! I will help you! Join me! (And stay tuned for more about my journey).

‘Til next time,
Fit Counselor

I was doing GREAT with my primal…UNTIL…

Posted on : 15-08-2011 | By : fitcounselor | In : My Personal Fitness Musings, Randomness

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I was doing great with my primal food nutrition until friends invited us out to dinner. Normally this would NOT have been a problem for me. I make these choices every day. And, before we made the reservation, I surveyed the menu in advance and had what I was I going to eat ALL figured out! Well, I didn’t stick to my plan, and guess what – weight gain this week! So far, in the first week, I had lost almost 4 pounds. WOO-HOO! I’m happy, the scale was STUCK! But this weekend, I let the “eating out” trap get me, and now, at weigh-in, I’m up .8 pounds. Not terrible, considering I’m still down overall but I learned a few things:

1) Even without my usual workouts, I was able to lose weight.
2) I only have myself to blame for my setbacks.
3) The thai crabcakes (and Lychee martinis) were good, but not THAT good!
4) I’m not perfect, but you and I both knew that.

All in all, not a bad two weeks, but I’m really looking forward to getting my workout groove back! Moving onward with my journey and the scale moving downward!! And I am ESPECIALLY looking forward to my next Challenge! It is going to rock! More details on that SOON!

‘Til next time!

I’m taking it BACK! Back to the days of primal eating that is!

Posted on : 04-08-2011 | By : fitcounselor | In : My Personal Fitness Musings

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Unfortunately for me, I realized that I have hit a plateau with my fitness. If you’ve read “ABOUT ME” then you know that I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, which can make things a TAD difficult to lose weight. So, not giving that any mental energy or actual power over what I believe I can accomplish, I figured that I simply need to change things up a bit. I kind of have this whole exercise thing down and my body and scale aren’t changing so here is what I am going to do (and have been doing since Aug 1): I’ve decided to change my diet. (It also JUST SO HAPPENS that in my house we have a friendly little “biggest loser” competition going on until the end of August). I am going to tackle going primal for 30 days by following the guidelines to see what happens. IMO, here are the general things I am going to need to do to make this happen:

1. Always have “primal” snacks. hunger opens the door to bad choices!
2. Get enough rest. sleep is critical, especially for me!
3. Go food shopping to make sure I have my primal shopping list on hand.
4. Not invade the kids “snack drawer”. (note to self: remind daughter to write “no mommies allowed” on the outside of the drawer.)
5. Assume that because Shakeology is made from all whole foods made from the earth, that it is COMPLETELY appropriate to consume and still be within the primal guidelines!

From my past experience, it does not seem to be TOO different from the South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet, both from which I’ve had tremendous success in the past. Don’t get me wrong, although diet appears in the names of both, my outlook remains the same – these are not “diets”, they are lifestyle changes. Moreover, because of my alleged thyroid condition, following a low-carbohydrate lifestyle is recommended. I’m not advocating this for everyone (or even myself right now). But, I am going to follow it to see how my body reacts to it. That’s all for now!

So, stay tuned! I’m looking forward to my journey. By all means, if you’ve gone primal, low-carb, etc., I’d love to hear about it!

Can you REALLY blame your metabolism for your weight issues?

Posted on : 11-07-2011 | By : fitcounselor | In : Articles and Tips

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The short answer is probably NOT! According to Merium Webster’s Dictionary, metabolism is defined as “the chemical changes in living cells by which energy is provided for vital processes and activities and new material is assimilated.” If I had a dime for each person who said to me that they cannot lose weight because of their “metabolism,” I would have a pretty full piggy bank! Even I was guilty of saying the same thing at one time or another! Indeed, I was so convinced that I had a “slow metabolism” that I went to my endocrinologist and had my resting metabolic rate (RMR) tested (and it was “higher than average”). Some confuse the RMR with its closely related kin, the basal metabolic rate (BMR), but they are not quite the same. If you have no idea what either of those acronyms mean, click here for a quick tutorial. Back to our ability (or inability, as the case may be) to lose weight, the culprit is probably NOT a “slow metabolism” but rather our lifestyle choices! I’m confident that my cardio and strength programs are what gives me a “higher than average” RMR and because I am no expert, when I have a question I do research so you don’t have to (and should not) take my word for it. The experts at the Mayo Clinic have answered this question: How do I burn more calories? In short, the experts suggest that to burn more calories, we need to incorporate regular aerobic activity, strength training and better lifestyle choices (including dare I say it, our food intake!). And, note the last point. There is no “magic bullet” so stop searching for it! Start a good exercise program (you have read about “My Programs” already, right?) and improve your nutrition to get you on the right track! The Fit Counselor

Why You Have to Find What Works for YOU!

Posted on : 31-05-2011 | By : Fit Counselor | In : My Personal Fitness Musings

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For some, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight simply means working out 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes a day. We’ve all heard that before, right? Well, I have learned in the past, say 8 years, that the general guidelines which apply to most people may not apply to me. Yes, I work out 6, and sometimes more, times per week but I do NOT do it because I’m “crazy”, “addicted”, “trying to get skinny”, or just “trying to look good”. I work out as much as I do so I do not GAIN weight! Yes, so I do not gain weight. Why? Because during my pregnancy with my oldest daughter, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease (or Hypothyroidism). What that means is that my thyroid gland – the gland that serves to regulate certain important processes in my body – may not work as well as it should (or at all) and greatly increases the chances that I will GAIN weight! Great, right? As if I needed another reason to make it more difficult to lose the baby weight!! Seriously, though, I’m okay with that. If this is my struggle, then so be it. Perhaps someone is meant to learn from my experience! To that end, my diagnosis has taught me a couple of things: (1) I may have to do more than most people to simply maintain my weight; (2) I cannot obsess about a specific number on the scale. As long as I don’t see an increase, I’m happy; and (3) I appreciate EVERY goal I accomplish because seeing a difference on MY scale has been no easy task. I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish through this journey!

Keep in mind, as with spandex, there is simply not a “one size fits all” approach to losing or maintaining your weight. That said, my suggestion to you is to learn what your body needs to reach YOUR goals. Start with the USDA Guidelines.

Maybe you need to readjust your thinking.
Maybe you need to adjust your diet.
Maybe you need to readjust your ideas about what it takes to reach your goals.
Maybe you need to do something different to get a different result!

Join me here. Start today. Commit to Getting Healthy YOUR way!